Di Versi means "two versions" as the word meaning; Patisserie, Bakery and Design Workshop brings together the concepts. It was founded by two sisters who are always vibrant, innovative and aimed to be aware.
Who is #kübradüzçekiç #kucukceycey 
Kübra has been happy in the kitchen since childhood and her main journey began in university.While she was studying industrial design, studied and trained on French bakery and sourdough breads. Also discovered the interest in food photography.Started blogging, sharing photos and recipes with instagram/continues.Shortly after her graduation, she studied French Pastry at Le Cordon Bleu and Sour Maya Breads from Mutfak Kitap in Istanbul. The pastry and bread journey that starts at home is now going on at Di Versi.
Who is #salihadüzçekiç?
Saliha, a graduate of Industrial Design, is known for her fondness for stationery products.In university years, she made personal notebook designs, then she wondered about snail mail and transformed her drawings into postcards. Establishing the personal stationery brand is one step closer with Di Versi. At the workshop, which is also open to the citizens now, she organize workshops every Saturday with the instructors.